Church And It’s Role In A Persons Life

In finance one can donate to a church and the church is there to provide for the congrigation. With fellowship and worship, it unifies the people into one. One body, one love, for the sake of Christ and God. Sometimes, some see it as a division and that is do to the fact that Christ did not come to bring peace but a sword. It divides those who are holy and those who are sinners. It is a place of grace though and a place where one can know the love of Jesus for all sinners. The church is where one can come to feel at peace and rest, a place of encouragement and of hope. For the world is not a place to find holiness and grace but it cuts down. How is the church different from the world? Perhaps it should stand out from the rest. A light upon a hill, and salt to a dying world. For it isn’t the person that needs to be fought but the spirits of evil and the spirits of darkness math. It is debauchery, lewdness, and drunkenness. Of hypocrisy and strife. But it is the power to save that is the Gospel. For God, who is the creator or the world, sent his only son to die on the cross to pay for the sins of the world that all would come to know the love of God to save them from the ever relational separation in hell and, instead, to ascend into heaven and into the ever relational life with God and those who love Him.

4 thoughts on “Church And It’s Role In A Persons Life

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