Spending $ On Others

One does not need to spend $ on others to keep the relationship going. Also, doing things with them can build relationships too. Correspondence can also be of benefit. Making things can be good too. Think about helping others at the same time, like volunteering at the local church can be a huge way to spend time with those one chooses to relate with. Especially in this time of hardship, having someone to talk to might be just as important as a cell phone. Speaking with family on the phone can be good too but it can’t replace face to face conversation. Think about starting a breakfast club. Praying with others can also be a great way to seek God’s love, grace, and peace. Making a list of people to pray for is one way of building relationships too. Pray for the nation, leadership, the church, and for friends and family can be beneficial for all. This can also re-start talking and connecting with those who may have lost contact with.

4 thoughts on “Spending $ On Others

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