Did Jesus pay taxes? What did He do with donations? And what did He use it on? How much did Jesus carry?

Tithing, traditionally has been 10% of ones income. Some experts believe it should be done on a weekly basis and others on a yearly basis. It can also be on a needs basis. When there is a need, the congrigation can fill it, out of their surpluss. Unfortunately, individuals and families do not voice their needs in church. They feel as though they will look needy to their congrigation and will be treated as such. They have to keep up their apperences and fall into comparing themselves with other families. These people seem to have no problems with their lives and their world is perfect. They freely give but are actually the ones in need. After church, they shed their Sunday best to dawn their personal-impersonal world, trapped in their electronics. They may be in financial debt, but, more importantly in spiritual and relational debt. This may be the case of many families in the church.

But, everyone has something they need, on occasion, and perhaps it is prudent to take this church on a camping trip. While on the hike up to the summit, if one has a sore on their foot, they need to tell the rest of the crew, or congrigation, so it can be attended to medically. If not, it can grow into a bigger issue. Another example is when a crew member needs a blanket. Perhaps, someone in the crew has a spare one. Maybe one just needs a hug. Unless the crew knows what each member needs or is lacking, the journey will be filled with hurting individuals who don’t know eachother. One does not need to hide their need or pain. When everyone is in surpluss, the crew can proceed joyfully and set up their tent on the summit. Needs of the congrigation can be met every week, if not daily. And should be free, without strings attached, but with wisdom. There is always a need.

There is so much need and as someone who is a member of a congrigation, it is important to be in a position to give and not in debt. The salvation must start at church, as individuals and as a congrigation, to rescue those in desperate need. Tithe out of surpluss.

But it is still good to tithe 10% to church.

3 thoughts on “Tithe

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