Text Within A Tornado

Like swirling the letters in alphabet soup, the tornado spins around and the letters get spun around within the wind. There are signs that indicate that there are tornados touching down all over the place. The financial storm.

The tornado is a weather phenomenon that includes air that spins and a cumulonimbus cloud. At the place where it touches the ground, it causes mass destruction that misplaces structures can objects miles away. There are several types of tornados like the multi vortex tornado and the waterspout which is a tornado over water. Wind can be a dangerous event and precautions should be taken to save oneself. First, one must be warned and there are places where this can be accomplished. Next, a shelter or storm cellars must be found to let the natural disaster can be survived.

In the financial storm, one must know if a tornado will hit. Reading the storm may give insight to where the next one will touch ground. There are letters that spin around inside of the storm and they make up words, such as, “debt” and “high interest” and “loss.” Knowing the words will help those who are observant predict where the next storm will hit and when. The letters spin around and around and in the eye of the storm it spells out what is to be expected. Things are moving and the money is moving.

One thought on “Text Within A Tornado

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