Nodes and Dendrites

Money makes one smart. One way this is true is by paying for education. Formal education can be a good way of spending one’s funds for the purpose of gaining knowledge. A specific form of education is financial concepts and models.

Another thing to consider is how to make money. It is common to daydream about ways of generating positive income, but that is the bookend of the thought. Turning the dreams into reality takes another effort. Thinking about all of the possibilities, avenues, and intricate network is a thinker’s playground.

Alas, there is nothing more intellectual than how to spend one’s money. An individual can have all of the money in the world, but if it goes unused what is the wealth but a number with no value. Considering how to give back to society and the world at large makes the brain a bright beacon of matter that is excersized. Capital that works, works together.

Thinking about finances can be a great way of increasing activity in the mind. Pondering ways of how to maximize positive income is one of those ways, but the most important thing to remember is how to spend it. Donating to charity can be the ultimate use of the mind and can keep one young. It is how one pours out to other.

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