Today there is great prosperity in the land and everyone is enjoying the benefits of this time. There are jobs available and the corporations are making large amounts of profit. But the wise would say that there is a time for everything. During this time of feasting, it may seem like it will never end and people are spending lots of their earnings by putting their purchases on their credit cards. In the book of Genesis, there is a time of prosperity followed by a time of severe famine in the land. In the book, Pharaoh has two dreams which predicts the future. Joseph correctly interprets the dreams and describes how the land will look like for the next decade and four years. They needed to be prepared.

Like that of an ant, they store up food for the winter. They fill their silos with enough grain to last them through any situation. Joseph had so many silos filled with grain, he stopped taking count and keeping records of how much grain was collected. A good number to save would be one-fifth of one’s gross income. This can be placed in the bank in a third account which the bank would be more than open to make available. Another thought is to keep this in cash at home for safe keeping and if it is needed. This will prepare one for anything that may happen. Another reason one should store one-fifth of their gross income is to help others in time of need. Some may not have the luxury of saving as much as they need for the winter or they do not have the foresight to look ahead. They will need help during this time and an individual with many silos filled with grain can provide for this need. Also, it may be wise to encourage kids to do the same with their own money. It will be good practice for them in the discipline of saving their income. It is always a good time to save.

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