Perfect Timing

There is a time for everything. Ecclesiastes has changed the lives of many with its wisdom and has continued to be an important book even to this day. There is a right time to buy and to sell. There is also a right time to enter into investments and when to exit. Individuals see the market climb and they want to jump in to capitalize on the rally. If they get in to it at the right time, there is a lot of money to be made. But if one gets into the market late, the losses can be near total. They spend too much on too little and the margin is slim. It can be at times, individuals enter into an investment at the wrong time. They are late in the game and this is the story of many today. It can be worse still as the market bubble can burst and everyone on the pumpkin truck falls out.

One of the main sources of information is the news, magazines, and books, but these sources of information, although are good, can be very old. It reiterates what happened in the past day, month, or year. Those who have made money has already made money and is waiting to sell to others. One needs to know the right time to invest. There are many strategies that one can use to invest. One way is to day trade and another is to buy and hold. But each have their own advantages and disadvantage and a correct time for both. Right timing can be key to any investing, one just needs to be ready for those key moments by having saved enough money to capitalize on a good deal. Otherwise, one will spend all of the money that they didn’t have in the first place on a high priced investment only to watch the market crash. If thing are not on time, things blow up, like airplanes. But if it’s on time, it can fly in to the horizon.

One thought on “Perfect Timing

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