An oasis is a place where people can go to have a drink of water and rest from the heat of the desert. Travelers come from miles around to refuel and check their maps to get a bearing on their next destination. This was an essential stop for people and their horses and camels so they could be revived. With large palm trees and ferns, the oasis is a wonderful place and at times, shrouded in mystery. One can become a financial oasis as well and this may not be as difficult as it may seem. By investing in beverages, one’s funds can become as full as a tall glass of milk. There is always a demand for something to drink and it may be wise to capitalize on this necessity.

A portfolio that is made up of only liquid is a refreshing alternative to traditional stocks. This may include water, juices, soda, and even alcohol. These beverages make up the bulk of what is consumed throughout the world and can be counted on as long standing investments that may pay dividends for many years. Another sector that can be of financial benefit is the oil industry. Anything that is fluid can be part of this portfolio. In this way one’s assets can be kept liquid.

Even though the planet is covered with mostly water, there are many places in the world that does not have enough water to drink. Whole communities go thirsty and the water commodity is high in demand. One way to aid in this effort is to donate to charities that provide drinking water to these people. One can become an oasis for others as well.

2 thoughts on “Oasis

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