More Change

Collecting things can be a great pastime that can be of value to the individual who is doing the collecting. One can collect most anything including sports cards, stamps, and coins. Collecting coins is a enjoyable hobby and is also profitable. Although the coin may say that it is worth a certain amount, the value can be far beyond what it is stated. For example, a gold coin may say the it’s value is one dollar but it may be worth ten dollars.

Aside from coin collecting, the value of ones money can also be different from what is face value. This exchange is what one may say is that a dollar can be worth more than stated. A dollar can be worth one hundred dollars. This is possible by seeing the potential that one dollar has, or as some may say the power of the dollar. Changing one dollar into a hundred dollars is a practice that may be possible if one works at it.

On a smaller scale, a dime can be changed into one dollar. This is done in the same spirit and may be helpful for those who are practicing change. Taking a smaller denomination and increasing it to a larger denomination can be very profitable. This process of changing a dime into a dollar can be repeated as many times as one desires. And example of this is to purchase a packet of tea and selling the drink for a dollar. One can put a dime into a wallet and change it into one dollar. In this way, a dime can be worth one dollar. The next task is to repeat this process as many times as one desires. It is important to note to save a dime for every dollar made.

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