Everyone who has traversed to college has been challenged with the phrase, “Change the world.” Professors encourage their idealistic student to excel beyond the mundane and mediocre to strive for a greater society where people live at peace and can freely give of themselves. Nostalgically reminiscing the college years of political demonstrations and the freedom of thought, coupled with a youthful vigor can be the chemistrophically active agent of a passion sought after that major companies desire most.

One way one can beneficially change the world is through financial wealth and planning. Building ones funds can have a positive effect on those around you. This includes giving of ones self through financial contributions to educational organizations, youth organizations and humanitarian needs. Compassion for those in desperate need can be a worthwhile and fulfilling passion that can only be satisfied through giving.

Change can also be made in ones own life and increasing ones own financial situation. A simple yet valuable way of doing this is by changing one dollar bill into one hundred dollar bills. An illustration of this is the filling a wallet with ten, one dollar bills which can be changed into ten, one hundred dollar bills. This exchange and increase of ten dollars into a thousand dollars can be a worthwhile practice for those who desire to improve their financial situation in a very real and tangible way that is visible. Once there is a thousand dollars, one can determine what to do with it. Some may choose to spend it on a new laptop and others may choose to spend it on a new car. Yet others may see the utmost importance of putting it into the bank to save it for retirement or for a new house, which many desire to purchase in ones lifetime. Some may also look into investing it into the stock market or other avenues of wealth accumulation. But this is up to the discretion of the individual. This process of change can be repeated many times and as many times as one desires, even for the rest of their lives. When one hundred dollars replaces a one dollar bill, the one dollar can be in a holding pattern until the next time it goes into the wallet. The wallet must be a good wallet. It must hold all of the money one collects. Changing money of lesser amounts like twenty dollar bills into one hundred dollar bills can be conducted with the help of the wallet. The wallet can be used to grow funds; one can just hope that the wallet can fit all of the dollars into it. It is the idea that money begets money.

Ultimately, the purpose of which is to benefit the world and those in desperate need. So it is of grave importance to give back to those who has aided in the effective improvement of the living standards of people throughout the country and all over the world.

Change the world.

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