For college students, going to the book store with money was a exciting yet fearful experience. Anticipatorily entering through the sliding glass doors and inhaling the aroma of freshly pressed text books can be a memory that will not soon be forgotten; of course until the student begins to read the books. The funding needed to purchase these essential literary intellectual property of education is similar to entering into a gladiators fate against wild beasts; one requires a student loan, a job, or be saved by a scholarship.

Getting out of debt can be a difficult thing. Many people are deeply buried in high interest credit card with revolving balances and personal loans that demand a large monthly payment at the threat of default. Many people are stressed about their financial health with nothing left over at the end of the month to save or invest. Education can be one of those things that can dig one out of massive mounds of debt. It can bring a breath of relief and bring a fresh outlook on life. Even though formal education can help get a job or learning a trade can be one way of paying off credit cards, financial education can a profitable exploration as well; which can bring freedom to the woes of a bank account. In this way money can save one’s life.

Transferring attention to the world at large, donations to charities and foundations can be a wonderful thing, adding to the general well being of society. It can bring opportunities to those who are disenfranchised or physically unable to participate in every day activities. Groups that support global health such as vaccines for disease or food for the hungry are both helpful in raising the standard of living for those people. Donating to education can be a bonus to the receiver and the giver. It prepares one to have a chance to make themselves a participating member to the global population and thus adds to the economy of the human spirit. In this way, money can save the planet.

The tuition may no be as costly as it appears.

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