There is great music in all individuals that resonates with the beating of the heart that can be shared with others. Sharing an ode can be a wonderful thing that many desires to be in audience with. For example, playing and singing a beautiful hymn can be appreciated by those surrounding the singer. One place where this can be done is at an open air market, a bizarre or even in a shopping district. Having others enjoy this can be a wonderfully rewarding experience. Besides the response from the gracious audience that is with you, one can sing for people selling things at the shopping district. In exchange for a melodia, one can trade for produce like fruits and vegetables or fresh food like gourmet cake, hot tamales, and hamburgers. One can also try trading an aria for meat and poultry from the butchers place at the street fair. A simple dub may draw a crowd of onlookers interested by the sound of a composition which can be a positive thing for both the strawberry booth and everyone there. After the piece is done and the listeners have shown their appreciation for the singer, the one singing can promote the food table for which the jingle was for. It is a captive audience and the market goers may be willing to purchase their product and the produce seller will be much appreciative. In appreciation, they may offer free food for the number and for the momentary rush of customers. One does not even need to know how to sing, which doesn’t matter in the first place. Just having a good time with it, without hesitation, will be good for the soul and a blessing for all.

One thought on “Aria

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