Home Safe

Savings is valuable way of keeping money if one desires to grow financial. This can be accomplished at a bank or at home. It is probably good to keep a certain amount to money at home in the safe. One may feel as though they should keep more at home since they may not feel at ease putting it in their savings account at the bank. As far as a the amount of cash that should be kept, it can be a round number. Some feel as though a percentage of ones paycheck, perhaps ten percent as many people knowledgeable in the financial field have recommended, is the right amount. One should examine their own financial situation to see what the right amount should be that can save more. But as a rule of thumb, the savings amount of each paycheck, should not be no less than ten percent. Now for the question of net or gross. Taxes are taken out first but one can make a figure of the amount to save, whether it is the amount taken after taxes or before. Of course, one will save more if it is before taxes. Others may feel as though a one lump sum should be saved at home and this too is up to the individual’s discretion. Make an accurate accounting of the amount saved in a ledger to keep track of the savings on hand. Keep it all in a safe where it is secure and free from walking away. Some may feel uneasy keeping cash at home, but there should be no issues with a safe. One may also need a document along with the funds and the ledger. There may be a temptation to count the money. Even though this is not a problem, it may be good to keep from doing this. And the another temptation is to spend all of it at one time on an expensive item. Keep in mind that this is a savings and is not ment to be spent. In conclusion, saving is important and for some who feel comfortable with cash in their home, they can do so.

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