The Twelve

There are different thoughts about what number is the optimum number for a team. Some feel it is eight and some feel it is ten. It is the authors view point that the optimum number is twelve. Twelve people in a group can work efficiently to conduce whatever task is at hand to complete it in a way that is beneficial to the other members of the group. For example, if there is a committee that is asked to make a budget for a company, each member of the committee can be the lead for different parts of the budget. In this way, all of the potential holes can be filled to make a budget complete. But there are many other examples of twelve being a good number for a group. Like in Baseball, there are nine positions on the field and three players can be subbed in. Or another sport is Basketball; there are ten people on the court at any one time. Two players can be subbed in to replace players that are fatigued.

Another benefit to having twelve members in a group is that they can be divided in several different ways. The first one is to divide the group into half. There are two groups of six. Each group has enough members in it to take care of any task assigned to it. This especially can be seen in the practice of team building activities such as goal making games and imaginary role playing. A second way a twelve member group can be divided is into three groups of four. This can be a great grouping for addressing issues within a company. Each quartet can be assigned to come up with an assessment of the issue and design an appropriate response to that issue. Once this is done, there are three options to choose from to remedy the problem. A third way a twelve person group can be broken into is having six pairs. This is perhaps one of the strongest groupings there can be. Each pair can provide support for each other and use teamwork to devise a plan of attack. Working with other pairs, any number of combinations can be devised to attain a goal.

The twelve members of the group can be collected from any different people. It may help conduct a better and a stronger organization. With this type of group, an organization can be rest assured that the business of the company will be in good hands to grow and overcome obstacles. The company can flourish and turn into a lean and agile enterprise by being solid yet fluid at the same time. An example of this is when the twelve needs to approach an issue, it can do so in many different group structures like in a half or in pairs. Groups can also mix it’s members for different tasks but this may need to be limited to two or three assignments. As the members of the group get to know each other, it can take on a personality of its own and can take on the personality of the company. It can be a profitable endevour for all.

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