Dig In

With a blessing, the student went to his tutors home to learn about philosophy, specifically about the thought of capitalism and its role in bringing peace to the city. The student’s guardian gave the tutor a bag of gold coins to teach his student and to develop the soul. Currently, the tutor handed the student a hypothetical situation: if given a bag of gold coins, in what way could that bag be used? He came up with an answer and discussed it. He said that he would use it to start his own business trading books with neighboring cities. But the first and most important part of the whole enterprise would be making a business plan and a budget. He would buy a printing press and copy orations made at the public squares and take orders from people who wanted to have it for their personal use. The student’s main target market would be teachers who use the Socratic Method.  Of course, there would be promotional items like book marks with the calendar on it and free book covers. He would also have to design a logo and come up with a catch phrase like: Book Worms Dig In. The slogan would be Enlightainment For All. Some of the gold coins would have to go to advertising but the main source would be word of mouth. He would also expand his business to include book carrying accessories to make it easier to travel with books between cities and in that way, he can save up enough to build fountains and pavilions for his children and for the people of the city. The student also mentioned that he would like to return the generosity of being taught by becoming a guardian and a philanthropist himself. When the session ended, the student visited the guardian and reported all that he had learned. The question for the student was how his soul changed in the interaction with the tutor and his hypothetical situation. And it saved everyones lives.

3 thoughts on “Dig In

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