Starting Line

Personal finance is a great activity that can be exciting and encouraging at the same time. A person can exercise what knowledge they have learned and apply it to their own practice. Things like Deip can help to increase income and develop into a personal philosophy of finances. One philosophy that is emphasized is the idea of saving and this is where this conversation will begin.

One way to look at personal finance is to make saving the main goal. Ones saving is to increase over the lifetime of the individual and is carried forward to ones children. There are different ways of saving such as holding cash in a savings account, making a stock portfolio, or in other things like jewelry and art. Perhaps a combination of those would make a good balance of saving but this can be discussed apart from this. The goal of personal finance for the individual is to save as much they can. Setting an amount can help someone reach for that amount.

Thinking about personal finance as a game may be helpful for some people to stay on track with their plan and budget. Make a budget and set financial goals. Than make a plan to achieve that goal. It should include yearly goals and a lifetime goal, property and possessions. There should be mile markers and it should also be timed. But this should not be a competition amongst others. It is about reaching and stretching the individual. Similar to swimming, one must beat their own time by practicing hard everyday. There are two factors that will determine the race. The first is the amount of funds one has and the other is a set time to reach that amount. For example, a person can set an amount goal in one month or one year. But as stated, this is about personal goal not beating the next person. There is only one person in the pool and the clock is ticking. Saving for a lifetime can be a great task and can only see dividends.

3 thoughts on “Starting Line

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