Baby Talk

In Plato’s Republic, it speaks of the city as a important part of the story. It talks about the guardian and how they are the stewards of the city. They guard the city, the king, the citizens and God. This has many parallels with the Bible. They are the philosophers and they argue with others for the truth. The guardians go out to battle with, not swords, but with words.

To translate guardians this into modern times, there are three main resources that someone can draw from this understanding. The first is the center. The center is about the heart and it can be counted on as a good source of personal understanding. If a person has a good heart, they will make good decisions about what to do with their finances. It also speaks about God and how He searches the depths of the heart to know ones motives. The middle is about stewardship and how guardians are good stewards of the city and king. It is about the soul and how it becomes more than itself when it reaches beyond ones own life. Finally the third is called outside. This includes advisors and strength. And one aspect of strength is finances.

The way to become a guardian is to defend the king and the city. It comes from saving the lives of those who dwell within the city. To put this in financial terms, it is about saving what a person has fo the greater good. Gold is one way to save for the city. It can be something that can be shared by all. Building up the city with decorated buildings and columns can also be a reminder to cherish those things that are important to ones own person. This message can be found in the Bible as well. Throughout Proverbs and Psalms it speaks of wisdom saying in the middle of the city square to embrace her and in all that she is. God will bless those who bless others.

3 thoughts on “Baby Talk

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