Hot Funds

So… One day in the middle of the summer, a group of friends went to the beach to ride some waves and catch some rays. It was a particularly hot day when they arrived on the sand. After waxing their boards they ran towards the water and paddled out past the breakers. They spent like three hour out there catching the sets that kept rolling in from a storm down south. Some of them decided to catch one in and figured it would be good to find some food so they when to the local burger joint to eat. All of a sudden, one of the guys said that he wanted to get a tasty beverage for himself and for the rest of the guys out there still going toes to the nose since it was so hot. He peered over a guys hat and listed off some of the fine fluids found on the fountain and decided to go with the Dr. Ink. Now this was a special one since it was carbonated squid juice and it reminded him of the ocean. So they got some cups and filled it to the brim with their prized pop and went along their way. When they all got out of the water, they sat down on their towel and sipped on their Dr. Ink and laughed at the jokes that were told and laid out in the sun. But they all agreed, on a hot day you got to have a Dr. Ink.

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