The money and possessions of ones person is given as a responsibility for good stewardship. This responsibility is given to those who have shown competence according to their ability to govern. Starting from small things like an allowance to budgeting for a large company, each employs their own talents to profit and to grow the possessions they already have. And these things are awarded to individuals who have proven themselves and have been tested by fire. But the ones who are given the most do not amass wealth for themselves but for a greater purpose, a higher purpose that aspires them to be more than the culmination of ones own being. Wealth is then generated for another reason other than self gain, it is made for God that made everything at the Genesis of all things. Therefore, all things are God’s and it is for His purpose that one generates wealth. It is the responsibility of the good steward to govern that wealth while they are alive and perhaps, even beyond their own life.

Wealth – many people have different ideas on what it is such as money, cars, and antiques. It is the passion of some to collect and gather as much “stuff” as possible. For others, money is what drives them to strive after the next big thing. Wealth has been defined as the amount one has to be able to live. With this in mind, the idea that all things are given as a responsibility for stewardship is a vital part of understanding how all things are given by God. All things, everything, is God’s. Everything from the house to the car to all the ‘stuff’ is all God’s, even the money is God’s. All things were created by the Maker who spoke into being the “heavens” and the “earth” and every living thing that lives on it. The money and belongings that one has can be seen as part of the wealth that is bestowed upon someone who is given a charge to manage it. Some say that it is a gift from God and that it is God’s providence. Whether it is a gift or providence, it still comes from the Giver and should be used wisely for a higher purpose.

There are some who feel as though this means selling all one owns and giving it to the poor and for some it may be what they need to do. But for the majority, it means being a good manager or steward of what God has given. To quote a verse from the Bible, it says, “God blessed them [mankind] and said to them, ‘Be fruitful and increase in number; fill the earth and subdue it. Rule over the fish in the sea and the birds in the sky and over every living creature that moves on the ground'” (Genesis 1:28 NIV). God gave mankind the whole earth to live upon and to rule over all the living creature that are on it. Managing what God has given can be a great task, especially if the living creatures become pets. Money and property must also be governed. Being a good steward in what one has received is to increase it for the sake of a greater cause. It is the control of money that gives freedom to how much is spent on what one desires. Being a good steward of what God has given is an important part of life and it all comes from the Creator of all things.

All this to say that it is all for the sake of a greater purpose that a person would gain and amass wealth. For some, this may come in the form of giving donations to a service organization or purchasing cans of food for the local soup kitchen. Another way to give is to volunteer or the giving of time can be just as rewarding. This can be a couple ways to “give back” to the community that have worked for many people and is also a way to further the kingdom of God. But God does not desire the wealth and riches of those who seek his kingdom but for the souls of those who have found that it is all for not. There is nothing one can do or have that will grant them passage in to the “heavens” that was spoken of in Genesis. It is only by the death and resurrection of Christ Jesus that one can enter into this kingdom of God. Salvation.

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