Buying consumer goods has become an epidemic and a major issue. Many buy things that they don’t need like a bigger TV or a new cell phone and it is purchased with credit cards which has a high interest rate. Those who pay with credit cards end up paying extra caused by revolving debt which compounds the price of the item. Spending more than one has can worsen that debt. For many people it looks like this:  $+<$- or income < expenses

The money goes out the window and flies away like the wind. It winds up on someone’s door steps and goes into their house. This can be seen in bank accounts and in what you buy. The wind takes it all away.

But the money does not have to go, catching some of the wind of money is possible and that is with a savings kite. The kite can catch the money and is put into a savings account. When it is at full sail, there is a lot of money that can be saved. It is with this money that one can purchase other things such as stock. But the main investment can be a new house or improving an existing house like building a koi pond in the back yard.

In many countries, the koi fish is seen as good luck and it brings in money. It is seen as a symbol of riches and is only owned by wealthy people. In this example it can be seen as a person’s savings. Saving what one has caught can be translated into many different investments but the one that is good is the home. It can be seen in remodeling the kitchen or bathroom, making an extension, and painting the exterior. Money saving fixes can be installing solar panels to save on electricity or double windows to save heating bills, or redoing the electrical system to lower the power bill. In this way, it can be viewed as a flying koi fish kite.

A flying koi fish kite is a good luck item that is flown in Asia on children’s day. It represents the youth and promise of each child and celebrates the year. Boys traditionally have blue koi fish kites and girls have red kites, but there are other colors too. So flying koi fish kites catch the wind and is carried high into the sky and is flown on each house with a child. Catch the wind with a kite and watch the savings grow. Put this savings into a savings account or it can used for whatever is beneficial and an investment.

The kite itself can be any investment vehicle. The simplest one can be a savings account or a house. Some common investments can be in a portfolio or an IRA, but there are more ways to utilize this captured money such as in decorations for the house like art or a fountain. But a koi pond may bring peace and prosperity to its owner. 

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