Chemistry and the search for different chemicals has been a long standing passion of many. This dates back centuries ago in the form of alchemy. It is the science of changing materials into some new thing. There are two main goals of alchemy: the changing of metals like lead into gold and to make the elixir of everlasting life. There have been many people throughout history who have sought after gold and have turned to alchemy as a way to amass wealth. The other way people have sought the aid of this practice is with the life giving elixir which, if ingested, will grant the drinker youth and life indefinite. This can be translated into the chemestry and alchemy of financial investing.

The art of making gold was the goal of the early alchemists, but alas, a futile effort, but it is possible today. The way this is possible is through a Investing and especially in the stock market. A stock portfolio is important if one desires to make gold. The cocktail of stocks and mutual funds can mix to make a pile of the valuable mineral. Here are some examples of possible mixtures:

1. Hamburgers, pork and coffee.
2. Tech, entertainment, and startups
3. Mutual funds, indexes, and blue chips

The process of making gold out of lead is called crysopoeia and that is what a good stock portfolio can do. This is done by drawing the interest from the portfolio each month and reinvesting it into gold.

Secondly, making the fabled elixir of life is the dream of many people. Perhaps this is can be done through financial planning and especially a retirement fund. Making your own IRA elixir can be a wonderful drink and one that can last for many years. One important thing to remember is that one must continue to add to the IRA fund to be able to reach the preset goal for living a life at the same income level. This can be done by employing the archer method of creating space for saving.

An alternative to investing in a portfolio or a retirement fund is by purchasing a house. This house can be ones greatest investment. A car too can be a wise choice for investing too. It can have multiple uses. Finally, investing in antiques and art can be an interesting way to collect gold. With that said, maybe it would be good to buy real gold too.

In conclusion, although alchemy is an old art form of making gold, it can still be applied today. It is a creative and interesting way to invest. rc

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