Corn on the Cob

He brought over some corn and they had corn on the cob. They enjoyed the butter and salt corn and had a wonderful time talking about it. It was an interesting conversation about corn and how it was good for the person. It was great and exactly what they needed. They ended the day on a good note and it was the time of their lives. It was a great moment in their lives eating stuff and talking. Sometimes it was filled with silence, but, as a whole, they talked about many things. Soon they would do it again and what a time that would be. Watching the sun go down over the horizon and had a time just to write and ponder those most important things in life. Things like what happens when one dies and whether God is true. They enjoyed things and shared and it was a glorious time. They shared with each other what they thought life was about. Was it about this or that? Soon they invited other people to join in and it was a grand time eating food and a having a good conversation. The talk would lean towards their family and friends and how organizations had changed their lives. They spoke about their lives and what they always wanted to do. And they encouraged each other to go for their dreams. Their family also to go after their dreams. But most importantly, how they would go about doing this and why they have these dreams. But, when all of the corn was eaten, they said their goodbyes and went along their way.

Furniture Makers

Thing, which was having their own chair and table company. It was a great little company that did their own designs. They tried all sorts of heights and sizes and matched the tables to the chairs. They had all sorts of materials to work with too and they didn’t throw out any ideas. They mixed and matched colors and even tried different stuffings. The main part of the business was getting into restaurants that was looking to revamp their decorations and stuff. After years of research, the business had great, new products that was styling and comfortable at the same time. People would ask, “where did you get these tables and chairs?” And the restaurant would refer them to the furniture makers. It was almost artistic and everyone enjoyed it very much.

Investment Theme

Dan was nearly ready to begin investing. He wanted to make it interesting so he decided to write some themes he wanted to invest in. He wrote down liquid assets where all of his investments would be some sort of fluid based item like soda or gas. He even went as far as adding environments concerns. Dan jotted down some other genres, but the one he went with was a Scouting theme. He thought to himself about it and decided on it. He would invest in a knife company, a GPS and navigation corporation, a patch manufacturer, a camping gear business, and a rope company. There were other companies that he wrote down as well, but it was a good list as it was anyways. This genre would be just one part of his total investment, but it was his favorite one to look up.


He was completely excited. A exciting, new venture for a guy who really needed a break. He made new friends that truly cared about what he was doing and helped him in his budding enterprise. Everywhere he went he raved about what he was doing. Enthusiastically, he would share with others his wonderful business and invited people to his beautiful home to enjoy a great meal and a discussion. At the end of the dinner, he would send them home with a sample of what his business is about and with a wave goodbye, he was happy. Before he went to be he would write in his business journal and be thankful for everything he has. He would talk about what he was doing to everyone he met and was interested in how it could help others. There were many people who were happy to help and he was ecstatic about it. His true passion was in the products and how it was beneficial to the consumer. He would meet with people and shared his enthusiasm over the products and he would give them samples to try. The next time he would meet he asked them questions about it and wanted to see how it worked out for them. He would also give them different options about the products too. He wanted to share it with everyone in the world and if nothing stopped him, he would try. It was a great time sharing his knowledge and excitement and he made an exorbitant amount of money.


They would often go to the deli to get a sandwich and a bowl of soup for lunch. On this day the topic was a trip they would take together. They both owned their own businesses and had invested in each others company. They went on business trips together to the coast and exchanged gifts on a regular basis. They also traded books too. They enjoyed each others company so they started a business together.


Ones thoughts about the world is shaped by the relationships one has with people. One necessary relationship, whether pursuant or not, is the person of Jesus Christ. This relationship, taken from the life and words of Christ Jesus, should drastically affect ones thoughts and actions. All of the words and parables that Jesus spoke of has an significant effect on how one interacts with the world and it should significantly affect the way one responds to it. When one interacts with other individuals, the state of ones relationship with Christ Jesus will positively determine ones reaction in word and deed to that individual. The degree to which one is related to Jesus strongly affect the degree to how one communicates to the world. As a primary relationship, it should affect other relationships.

This is a personal and spiritual interchange where one is in exchange to and from Christ Jesus. An increase in this personal and spiritual interaction between one and Jesus will result in an increase in one’s communicatory substance with others. The worth, weight, and gravity of conversations will also increase exponentially as one discusses those topics essential to ones life.

A relationship with Jesus will affect how one interacts with others. When one is receiving a positive or negative affect from another individual, one will render a response equal to the degree of ones relationship to Jesus to that person. This relationship is based on the amount of faith one has in the death and resurrection of Christ Jesus. One may respond to others in grace or in retribution. This response is determined by the depth of ones relationship to Jesus. The understanding of desperate requirement of grace is vital in this depth.

One’s concept of God can also be addressed through ones relationship to Jesus. Ones ideas on God can be understood by how vital their relationship is with Jesus. God the Father, in sending Jesus to die on the cross for the sins of those who were separated from God by sin, reflect grace. This view of God, as a loving God who grants grace for sin, stems from ones kinship to Christ Jesus. The relationships that one has is vital to the way we view God and the world. One of those relationships is that with Christ Jesus. How one comprehends the Grace of God through the blood and sacrifice of Jesus upon the cross will determine how one reacts to the world and those who are our neighbors. God granted grace for all of our sins when Jesus went to the cross and the wrath of God was satisfied which was placed square upon the shoulders of Jesus. Jesus is grace and He invites us to accept that grace and atonement for all of our sins.

Our concept of God, people, and the world is reenforced by ones relationship with Christ Jesus through His life and words. Ones relationship with Christ Jesus is important when considering how one response to others who many or may not believe in the death and resurrection of Christ Jesus. Jesus, when asked which is the greatest commandment stated that it is to love God with all of one’s heart, soul, and strength. The second is similar and it is to love your neighbor as yourself. This is Jesus’s commandment which He sealed with His own blood. Jesus saves.

Tapered Investing

He had $5000 to start with and he needed $8000. So he wondered… He decided to save his $5000 and added to it every month. But wait, he would save in increments. Every month he would save a little bit. This is what it looked like:

1st month – $5000 saved

2nd month – $1000 saved

3rd month – $500 saved

4th month – $300 saved

5th month – $200 saved

6th month – $100 saved

7th month – $100 saved

Etc. Until he saved $8000. He decided to invest that $8000 at the end of 16 month.