God Provides

Investing in one’s business is valuable. One must take good care to run the business. But first and foremost, one should save. Saving in the bank, whatever amount, will save the business. When one needs money, they simply have to go to the bank. This is especially true in paying for bills. Keep some money in the bank so when an opportunity arises, one can take advantage of it. May God be glorified.

Dans Ancestors Try Something New

Dan’s ancestors were thinking about what to do. Their venture when well and they wanted to invest more. So they bought three sailing ships and prepared them for the journey to the New World. They loaded them up with trade goods too. The captain of the ship selected a fine crew who have made the travel already so they know the course. When everything was ready, they set sail. What a wonderful venture it  was. Everyone was excited to get goods and they waited.

Unfortunately, the ships didn’t return on the expected date. Dan’s ancestors prayed every day. A week later the ships finally came back. They had hit a squaw along the way that set them back a couple days. With laughter and joy they unloaded tons of trade goods and took it to the market. They gave each other hugs and they danced around the house. They sold everything and gave some things to their friends too. It was a wonderful treasure and it was a great day for the ancestors of Dan.

Dans Ancestors Buy Their Own Ship

Once upon a time, Dan’s ancestors were able to purchase and invest in their own trading vessel from the trade goods they sold from their last investment. So, he bought a massive galleon that they loaded up with all sorts of trade goods. Everything from blankets and oils to seeds and shells. They made preparations for the long voyage and waited anticipatorily for the right time. At the right time, they set sail upon the great ocean and sailed for the New World. After several days on the open sea, they talked about the great things they would see and the people they would meet. Along the way they saw birds flying and fish swimming next to the great sailing ship. When they finally reached their destination they traded all of their goods for things found only in the New World. Beads, food, and textile goods is what they traded. When their ship was filled to the top with all of their wonderful trade goods, they sailed back home. When they reached home, everyone celebrated their return and unloaded everything. They took it to the market and sold and traded for things. They even had gifts for their friends and everyone was joyful for a successful journey.

His Ship Came In

Once upon a time, Dan’s ancestors collected sea shells along the shore near their home. They collected all sorts of shells. They would take it to the market and trade for food and other things. One day, there was a huge ship that was traveling to the New World and needed investors. So Dan’s great great great grandfather gave the ship a whole bunch of shells in exchange for shells found on the New World along with other goods. Everyone was anticipatory for the voyage and on the day they departed they all threw a big celebration. Everyday the great great great grandfather would walk on the beach looking beyond the horizon for the ship traveling to the New World. What wonders would they see and what people would they meet he thought to himself. When finally the ship came over the horizon Dan’s great great great grandfather was joyful and he ran to the docks. His ship came in and they received all sorts of shells and trade goods from the New World.

Goestromanicallo Was Having A Hard Time

Goestromanicallo was in trouble. He was having a hard time with his budget. He invested with money he didn’t have. He was deep in debt already and should have utilized it on paying it off. Now, he had a dilemma of being more in debt.

He looked at his paperweight. On one side it was green and it had a dollar sign on it. It signified that he was out of debt and was actively investing. Then he flipped it over and that side was red with a dollar sign. That signified that he was in debt. He knew he was in debt and it concerned him.

Goestromanicallo took a look at his spending and it was huge. He needed to re-allocate some of his funds to pay for his debt. So instead of buying things he didn’t need, he focused on debt repayment. This time, he would use the quadruple budget, specifically, in paying his bills, he would get rid of it first before investing. He would allocate 25% of his salary towards paying off debt until he was completely out of debt. Once out of debt, that 25% that was going towards paying off debt could go towards investing.

He did the math on it:

25% of his salary ($4000) is $1000

He had $6000 of debt

$1000 x 6 months = $6000 towards debt

It would take him 6 months to get out of debt

Once out of debt he allocates the $1000/month towards investing

$1000/month towards investments for the rest of his life

In this way, Goestromanicallo could take his paperweight and flip it over from the “in debt” side to the “out of debt” side or investment side. He was relieved to have a good budget that would help him to finally be completely out of debt.

Dan Looks To The Future

Dan had a great plan. He was deeply thinking about investing and so his plan was to buy 1 stock a day for the rest of his life. He looked into good companies and researched the ones that had good value to them. Than he made a list of companies he wanted to invest in and priced them out at the current and past market prices. Some stocks were $5 while others were over $100. He thought to himself, if he bought 1 stock a day for 1 year, he would have over 350 stocks in his portfolio by the end of the year. Then the thought, if he did this for 10 years, he would have over 3500 stocks in his portfolio. This does not include the appreciation of the stocks which he decided he would re-invest the interest that he would draw from his stocks. And no matter what the market rate of the stock was, he still bought 1 stock a day. He did the math on it and he would track his stocks on a daily basis. He would save all of his stocks until he retired.