This is a Good One for Friends

At times, it may be seem like the money just isn’t enough and it is daunting. The bills are mounting and stretching the dollar is a must. One way of bringing reprieve to this situation is to start a savings fund with a friend. Both parties can save the same amount on a weekly or monthly basis and use it for the purchase of things together. This may look like buying in bulk and splitting the items. Another way this may work is by having a plan and a budget for the particular fund. In addition to this, a list of items that both parties want to purchase may also be good. But the plan should be a simple one.

If both parties want to tithe or give to charity, then giving equal amounts might also be a good way of accomplishing this task. Donating the same amount to a cause may help all parties involved.

Paying off bills can be done in the same way. After agreeing on a set amount, say $100 a month, one friend can help the other pay off their bills first. Than, they can pay off the bills of the first friend. In this way, both can get out of debt quicker and pay less on interest. This is how it works:

Both friends agree on an amount to put towards the bills of the other friend, $100 each for a total of $200 for two friends (2 friends x $100 = $200). That $200 goes towards paying off the first friend’s bill. After he is debt free, the $200 is used to pay off the second friend’s bills. Once they are both out of debt, they can start saving that $200. Its important to note that the total bill for each person should be the same so that both parties are paying and getting an equal amount.

Tool Box

He was able to acquire an old tool box and he wanted to make something. He decided that he would repair things too. So he got a instruction book and read the whole thing. When he was done reading he got on his way to make and fix things. So he got to work.

Old Car

It was a cold and brisk autumn morning and the leaves were beginning to change colors. He took a seat on the small porch and looked at his budget. He took a draw of his hot coffee and thought about investing. He saved on a monthly basis already, the same amount every month in a savings account at the bank. So, he decided that he would save a certain amount each month, say $100, in a investment envelope. The money that was earmarked for this envelope would be saved for the soul purpose of buying things of worth or investing in something. But, what did he want to invest in? He always enjoyed old cars and wanted to fix them up. So every month he would buy parts and used a manual to repair classic cars and the seats with the money he saved in his investment envelope. Soon, he had a whole bunch of cars that he drove on the weekends. Fortunately, it was in his budget to save every month to buy old cars and invest in his hobby.

Piggy Bank

Kevin had a piggy bank that was almost bursting with coins he collected. It was his life savings. So, when it finally got full with money, all the way to the top, he needed to do something with the money that was overflowing that would not fit into his piggy bank. He decided not to open his piggy bank until he retired since that was his life savings. Instead he collected the extra change that he had at the end of his day and invested it into his business.

Kevin’s bank savings account was full and he had reached his lifetime savings number. He invested the extra money that was going into savings account and allocated it towards reinvesting into his business. Kevin thought about what would make his business more productive and enjoyable. So, he thought and thought for hours and hours about what he could acquire for his enterprise. Countless days turned into months until he came to a realization.

Kevin enjoyed sports and he decided that he would buy sports balls for his co-workers. He went to the store to buy dozens of golf balls, basketballs, and baseballs and gave the to his friends at work. They enthusiastically enjoyed his gifts and tossed the sports gear around the workplace. It brought teamwork and reprieve to the office and he had purchased it with the extra money that was originally going into savings but now reallocated towards reinvestment into his business since he had achieved his life savings number.

Jesus saves.

Corn on the Cob

He brought over some corn and they had corn on the cob. They enjoyed the butter and salt corn and had a wonderful time talking about it. It was an interesting conversation about corn and how it was good for the person. It was great and exactly what they needed. They ended the day on a good note and it was the time of their lives. It was a great moment in their lives eating stuff and talking. Sometimes it was filled with silence, but, as a whole, they talked about many things. Soon they would do it again and what a time that would be. Watching the sun go down over the horizon and had a time just to write and ponder those most important things in life. Things like what happens when one dies and whether God is true. They enjoyed things and shared and it was a glorious time. They shared with each other what they thought life was about. Was it about this or that? Soon they invited other people to join in and it was a grand time eating food and a having a good conversation. The talk would lean towards their family and friends and how organizations had changed their lives. They spoke about their lives and what they always wanted to do. And they encouraged each other to go for their dreams. Their family also to go after their dreams. But most importantly, how they would go about doing this and why they have these dreams. But, when all of the corn was eaten, they said their goodbyes and went along their way.

Furniture Makers

Thing, which was having their own chair and table company. It was a great little company that did their own designs. They tried all sorts of heights and sizes and matched the tables to the chairs. They had all sorts of materials to work with too and they didn’t throw out any ideas. They mixed and matched colors and even tried different stuffings. The main part of the business was getting into restaurants that was looking to revamp their decorations and stuff. After years of research, the business had great, new products that was styling and comfortable at the same time. People would ask, “where did you get these tables and chairs?” And the restaurant would refer them to the furniture makers. It was almost artistic and everyone enjoyed it very much.

Investment Theme

Dan was nearly ready to begin investing. He wanted to make it interesting so he decided to write some themes he wanted to invest in. He wrote down liquid assets where all of his investments would be some sort of fluid based item like soda or gas. He even went as far as adding environments concerns. Dan jotted down some other genres, but the one he went with was a Scouting theme. He thought to himself about it and decided on it. He would invest in a knife company, a GPS and navigation corporation, a patch manufacturer, a camping gear business, and a rope company. There were other companies that he wrote down as well, but it was a good list as it was anyways. This genre would be just one part of his total investment, but it was his favorite one to look up.